Settlement quotes - essential questions you need to ask

For a competetive quote that includes all office disbursments, please contact our office. We can give you all the initial advice you need and ensure that you are getting the very best value for your settlement.

When comparing quotes we ask that you consider all the questions listed below. This will help you make an informed choice when selecting your settlement agent.

What extras are you going to charge?

Some settlement agents and lawyers advertise cut-price settlement fees, but then charge you hundreds of dollars extra for services which should be included in the price. With Neo Settlements there are no hidden fees. We do not charge extra for:

  • Verification of Identity Checks
  • Working with overseas clients
  • Liaising with other parties to resolve termite & building issues
  • Preparation and lodgement of change of name applications and statutory declarations
  • Providing regular updates for off-the-plan purchases
  • Adjusting rent at settlement
  • Depositing your cheques at settlement
  • SMS notifications of settlement progress

Who will be taking care of your settlement and are they qualified to do the work?

Neo Settlements has two licensed settlement agents to oversee your settlement. Many settlement agencies and law firms use untrained and unqualified office clerks to do vital settlement work. Do you really want to trust your transaction of hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars in the hands of unqualified clerks?

If I have problems with property inspections / finances / other issues will you spend the time to help me out

At Neo Settlements our goal is to ensure settlement proceeds as per your plan. We are always available during business hours to answer your questions and help resolve disputes. You can speak to the same small team every time you contact us. Some settlement agents work obscure hours from home and are impossible to contact when you need them.

Is the Settlement Agent financially independent from all other parties involved (e.g Real Estate Agents), or do they pay financial kick-backs to get the work?

By being truly independent and not paying financial kick-backs to agents and brokers, Neo Settlements represents our clients best interests at all times. This is essential to avoid situations where there may be a conflict of interest. Real Estate Agents and Brokers recommend us because of the exceptional service we offer, not because they are being paid a fee for their recommendation.

Is the agent registered for "Revenue On Line"?

Neo Settlements is registered for ROL which means you do not need to provide the Stamp Duty payment prior to settlement, and the duty is instead paid at the time of settlement.